I’ve spent the last 5 years at Artsy where I’ve been designing and shipping product for the art world. Before moving to New York, I studied at the University of Washington (Bachelor of Design, Bachelor of Arts; Political Science, and Bachelor of Arts;  Eastern European Studies). In 2012, I took an internship at Facebook where my love for designing for the digital space was born.

While at Artsy, I had the opportunity to grow as a designer, manager, and product thinker. I experienced the joys and challenges of a rapidly scaling company doing every job under the sun from shipping V1 products and unlocking new business to taking new hires’ headshots. As a designer, I had the opportunity to touch every aspect of Artsy’s product and learned the importance of striking the balance of moving quickly while making choices that would enable our experiences to scale. As a manager, I had the privilege of managing an incredibly talented team of communication and product designers. I learned the importance of meeting people where they are, finding the path to inspiring peoples’ best work through their own lense of growth. As a product manager, I had the opportunity to work with some of the industry’s best engineers, data analysts, and business leaders. I became intimately familiar with the challenges that come with shipping new technology while continuing to maintain legacy systems. Most importantly, I learned how critical a diverse set of voices are to making the right choices that lead to positive business outcomes and ultimately, innovation.